Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Scoring

Why do you need SEO Scoring?

  • This module can help your website increase in SEO ranking. If a website owner or WebEd 9 user want their website to make more attractive to search engines like Google this module is definitely the answer.

How to check SEO when editing a page

You must edit a page to check the SEO score

  • Scroll to the bottom of the editing window
  • Click to SEO Scoring tab
  • Check the SEO result

Page Title 

  • Title is empty or length of Title is less than the recommended length
  • Length of Title is within the recommended Title length
  • Length of Title is greater maximum the recommended length

Page Description

  • Description is empty or less than the recommended length of 155-160 characters long
  • Length of Description is within the recommended length

  • Length of Description is greater than the recommended length (155 - 160 characters long)

Keyword count

Set your site keywords for the site using the site setting in admin, search for keywords. Individual pages can have different keywords if required. the keyword count measures the amount of Keywords on each page of your website.

  • Keyword length is empty or number of keywords is out of the recommended range 

  • Keyword length is between in the recommended range

  • Keyword Length is greater than the recommended range

Keyword Weight (Density) on Page

  • If percentage of keywords compared to total number of words in content is less than the recommended 

  • If percentage of total keyword is within the recommended 

  • If percent  total keywords is greater than the recommended 

Heading Tag

  • If H1 heading tag is missing or keywords are not included in the H1 heading tag

  • If H1 heading tag exists but does not contain the all the keywords

  • If the H1 heading tag exists and contains the all the keywords

Bold Keywords

  • If keyword are not bolded

  • If all keyword are bolded in content

  • If some keywords are bolded in content

Image Alt Tags

  • If no image have alt tags containing keywords

  • If all images have alt tags containing keywords

  • If some image have alt tags containing keywords

How to config SEO scoring

Some admins may wish to adjust the way SEO scoring is handled on the site. WebEd allows adminstrators to set their own scoring parameters to suit their specific requirements.

  • Go to Admin Dashboard >> Settings >> Site Settings
  • Search "SEO" keyword 
  • Click the edit icon on the SEO Scoring Setting

  • Drag and drop: Title Range, Description Range, Keyword Count Range, Keyword Count Range if you want to update the best range for SEO.
    • Note that the for Meta Titles, a character count of 50 to 60 characters is best practice while 50 to 160 characters for meta page description. Accepted Keyword Density for SEO Best Practice is 1% to 2% .

  • Click Save or Save and Continue Edit
  • Click Save: back to site setting listing and show message update successfully

  • Click Save and Continue Edit: keep page edit and show message update successfully


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