How to create and then add a Photo Gallery on a page

A photo gallery is an easy way to make a page of images for your site. The photo gallery module looks at a folder of images and then displays them as clickable thumbnails in page content. 

Note: before starting to put your photo gallery { } instruction onto your page - it is a good idea to create a photo gallery folder in the Image Manager & upload your images. Then they will be ready to go once the code {} has been placed on the page.

Why you would use a Photo Gallery curlybracket

A user wants to showcase their businesses  end-product or services through pictures and images. One option to do this is by using WebEd 9 Photo Gallery module which is a built-in feature for WebEd 9 CMS. This module has a lightbox effect with arrow to view and scroll the group of images from left to right.

Creating a Photo Gallery folder of your images

Firstly upload all your gallery images to a folder in the Image Library

  • Log in to your website & choose the page you want to create the gallery on
  • Open the edit window by selecting the edit icon on the right hand side
  • Open the image icon & go to the server browser / file manager
  • Create a new folder under Images Galleries & upload your images - remember to always upload your images in low res - 72dpi

Once you have created your photo Gallery file & uploaded your images, you can put your gallery on your webpage

Step-by-step guide to inserting a photo gallery on a page

  • Login as Administrator
  • Load the page editor
  • Position the cursor where you want to place the gallery and click the curly bracket icon   

  • When the window opens, click Configure 

  • The available curly bracket features are shown
  • Search "Photo" keyword and then select the Photo Gallery curly bracket

  • Open the Photo Gallery configuration form
  • Click on the folder icon to open the media browser

  • Click the folder you want to use for the photo gallery on the Configure "PhotoGallery" Curly Bracket form

  • Click Select Button
  • The folder selected will populate into the path
  • Select the template name to use for the gallery (Default.Photogallery by default)

  • Click Insert - this is what you should see (or something like it)

  • Click OK  to insert into the page

  • Click 'Update' and Close to save the page
  • The photo gallery will be displayed as a series of images and scrollers

  • Click on the image item to test