How To Snippet Effects

  • This is a how to on managing Snippet Category in the admin. 
  • This is a how to use the snippet effects curly bracket

Step-by-step guide

What is a snippet effects?

  • The snippet effects is list of the snippet by using {snippeteffects_xx}
  • The snippet effects template has two place(one is the snippet category, one is the snippet filter by snippet category)

Why you would use snippet effects?

  • When you want to embed or include some  content by using the  snippet category into the site, you can use the {snippeteffects_xx} to implement.

Example of a snippet effects, see it in action

How to create new snippet category

  • Go to Admin Dashboard >> Modules  >>  Snippets >> Snippet Categories

  • Click Create New Snippet Category

  • Enter Name, select Parent Category, enter the order

  • Click Create

How to edit/ view details/ delete a snippet category

  • Go to Admin Dashboard >> Modules  >>  Snippets >> Snippet Categories

  • Click Edit / View Details / Delete icon on a snippet category

How to add display snippet effect curly bracket to page

  • Go to WebEd 9 site and login as Administrator
  • Go to page that you want to show snippet and click Edit

  • On the editor click Curly Bracket button to open the configuration curly brackets

  • Click Configure button in the popup

  • Search Snippet Effects on new popup and click Snippet Effects item in result search

  • Configuration popup will be shown. Config options in the left side and review the UI in the right side

  • Click Insert button to save. Click an OK button in next popup to complete.

  • Click Update And Close. Then you can see the snippet effect curly bracket on the page

  • Click on the snippet (has the document and enable data sheet from)

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