Rotating images

Why you would use a Rotating images

If a user want to add a rotating gallery of photos for their products and marketing collateral materials, the Rotating Images module is very useful and will help a user to setup and add through pages without coding skills. Rotating Images is the smartest and fastest way to add a group of images on a carousel or slider template.

Accessing the Rotating Images 

  • First, you'll need to log in to your website and access the admin Dashboard. Your link would usually be as follows :

    The login page should appear as below:

  • Once logged in, navigate through the left menu panel. Click on Modules > Rotating Images

           A list of all the groups for the rotating images will appear. 

  • Choose the group you wish to edit and click on the Image Icon to edit

  • All The images under that group will then appear.

Adding a new image

  • Choose the group you wish to edit and click on the Image Icon to edit

  • Click the button "Create new image"

  • Upload a new image or select from media files.
  • Enter the URL of the page the banner will lead to once clicked
  • Select the URL target.
    • If you want to open in on the same window, select _self.
    • If you want to open in a new window, select _blank.
  • Click "Save".

  • The new image will appear as the last item.

Re-Ordering the Images

  • To Re-order the images, simply drag the image left and right into the order you wish for it appear.

Editing The image, Text, Link

  • To Edit, Click on the Edit Icon on the photo you wish to alter.

  • A pop up will then appear where you can edit the Image, Group it belongs to, Title, Text, and URL.

  • If you scroll further down you can also set a Start and End Date for this specific image to show. 
  • Once done, hit Save. 

  • Refresh the page the rotating banner images should show on the website and the changes should reflect. 

How to apply rotating images on each page of WebEd CMS

  • Go to Admin > Page Content 
  • Select or click Pages and select page you want to display the rotating images Ex. Home 

  • Add Curly Bracket and Select Configure   

  • Search for Rotating Images and Select the module 

  • On the popup modal select the Group you created from the rotating Images Module above and click "Insert" 

  • You can see the curly bracket code Ex. {RotatingImages_2_Default.RotatingImages} and click OK 

  • Refresh your page now and see the output
  • How to apply rotating images on  WebEd CMS Page Template
  • Go to Admin->Look and Feel

  • Select Page Templates and select the template you want the rotating images to display for example Home. 

  • Copy the Curly bracket from the page rendered above and paste it on the Page template you've selected and click save 

  • Refresh your home page now and see the output 

Creating New Rotating Image Template

  • Go to Admin Dashboard > System Settings 
  • Select Module Management and click the Curly Brackets Tags
  • Search keyword "Rotating Images"

  • Click "+" (Create new template)

  • Add {RotatingImages.Home.Slider} to your desired location
  • The curly bracket It's meaning of Curly Brackets   {1_2_3} parameters:

    1Curly BracketsName
    2Rotating imagegroup id
    3Rotating imagegroup name

    Example for this rotating image : {RotatingImages_1_RotatingImages.Home}

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